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Elementary Students Vote for New Mascots

kids choose

Belton ISD students have made their choices, and election results are in! On Tuesday, all 10 elementary campuses voted on their new mascot for the 2020-2021 school year.

The results are: Charter Oak Cheetahs, Chisholm Trail Blazers, High Point Colts, Lakewood Leopards, Leon Heights Lions, Miller Heights Knights, Pirtle Panthers, Southwest Jaguars, Sparta Saber Cats, and Tarver Timberwolves.

Throughout the week before voting, elementary students participated in a variety of campaign- related activities where schools created special learning opportunities that engaged kids in the mascot selection process. 

Charter Oak Elementary, Lakewood Elementary, Pirtle Elementary and Tarver Elementary held campaign rallies where students debated the merits of their three mascot choices. Charter’s choices were the Cardinals, Cheetahs and Roadrunners; Lakewood’s options were Leopards, Lynxes and Bulldogs; Pirtle decided on Panthers, Patriots and Turtles; and Tarver’s choices were between the Timberwolves, Toros and Texans. 

Tarver students were visited by Belton New Tech High School @ Waskow audio/video students who helped them create mascot commercials. Leon Heights Elementary students also got creative with their commercials, using a green screen and adding graphics. Their choices were the Lions, Squirrels and Phoenix.

Sparta Elementary students played a mascot game in PE where they brainstormed motions for all three potential choices: Spartans, Saber Cats and Tiger Sharks. The game had tagged students perform their mascot motion for three seconds before rejoining the game.

A major project for Chisholm Trail, Southwest, High Point and Miller Heights elementary schools was designing campaign posters and hanging them up across campus. Chisholm’s selections were the Blazers, Thunderbirds and Dragons; Southwest chose between Jaguars, Warriors and Eagles; High Point decided on Armadillos, Colts and Rattlers; and Miller Heights voted on Knights, Mavericks and Hawks.

This fall and spring, the district will develop artwork and mascot graphics for each campus. Funds will be allocated to take care of elementary rebranding projects in the summer of 2020, and new mascots will be in place at the start of school in August 2020.