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Career Day Held at High Point Elementary

career day

For a group of High Point Elementary students, the question was a pretty easy one to answer--“Who hear likes to watch cartoons?”

Dozens of hands shot up amidst exclamations of “Me! Me!”

Local voice-over artist Bonnie Levant made the inquiry during her introduction for career day, explaining to students that “behind each one of those cartoon characters is somebody sitting inside a studio with a mic and headphones, reading a script.”

Levant explained to students how she and other voice-over professionals have made a living through having their voices recorded while reading scripts. Her lesson also included opportunities for students to do a little voice-over work too.

The experience was part of High Point Elementary’s Career Day, which saw students dress up as their future career, and in every classroom, meet unique and various professionals from nursing, chiropracting, dentistry, culinary arts, law, journalism, furniture making, cookie designing, and many more.

High Point’s Fort Hood Adopt A Unit, the 553rd Field Feeding Company, spoke to students about the daily routine of soldiering and showed off one of their military trucks. Students enthusiastically took turns being hoisted into the driver seat and starting up the truck with the push of a button.

Back inside, City of Temple Storm Water Program Specialist Amber Kelley showed a miniature city display with curving roadways and tiny cars.

“I’m demonstrating what happens when it rains,” Kelley said about the display which she poured liquids on to simulate water overflow. “All the storm water goes down in to our drains. So, everything that is on the ground, from trash to oil, is carried down our drains by the water. And it ends up back into our lakes, streams, and oceans.”

Kelley thought students were very engaged during her lesson and hoped they remembered one big idea.

“It’s important for us not to litter and make sure we’re taking care of our waterways,” she said.

Some students also had the opportunity for a little exercise courtesy of FC Belton Soccer who spent time teaching students the basics of soccer.

“The kids are having a good time,” James Huckabee of FC Belton Soccer said about the warm up and cone drills students went through. “They’re enjoying getting to run around and kick the ball.”

Huckabee says the non-profit organization, which began six years ago, has grown to over 1300 kids participating including those as young as three and with special needs.

“We’re trying to give back and get the kids active,” he said. “We want to encourage their outside play instead of just being home inside playing video games.”

A different group of second-grade students learned firsthand how suddenly the day can change for the Morgan’s Point Resort Fire Department, who had to cut short their lesson to respond to an emergency.

Just prior, the crew showed off their fire truck and equipment, told students what to expect in a career as a firefighter, and spoke about fire safety tips.

“These kids are awesome,” Battalion Chief of Training Ray Cooper said with a big smile. “They have a lot of questions, and we’ve been having a lot of fun with them today.”


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Joshua Wucher
October 23, 2019